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  • 18:12 @TiVo I definitely second @TrueDBMfan's motion for family markers. #
  • 18:17 @nasacrew twitpic.com/26zbo - RIP, Brian. :( #
  • 18:18 @Ghlaghghee Eeeexcellent. Also, the effect of post hoc ergo propter hoc means they will think the tuna a good cure for what ails you! >:D #
  • 18:26 Wow, my high school science projects weren't so cool. :O tinyurl.com/cv49qo #

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  • BALLS!

    Woohoo, my juggling materials should be waiting for me when I get home!

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    So, I've taken up juggling. I've got the 3-ball cascade down and am starting to try some other stuff that I'm pretty much making up. I'm doing…

  • So, you may ask: What's a TiVo?

    If you have 4 minutes, you really must watch this musical video from Lex Friedman. It's SFW, but still hilarious. ^_^

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