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Thanks Given

Patti is very ill. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that she had more than vomiting to worry about. She says it was the pizza we had at the bar last night, but I ate it and I'm fine. The says it couldn't be the flu because she was among the few, the proud, the innoculated. I told her that just because she got the shot doesn't mean she can't get a strain of the flu.

She insisted that I go to Bruce and Karen's without her. First, however, I had to finish the cheesy mashed potatoes and take the sourdough out of the oven. I've been known to mess up boiling water. But it all turned out deliciously, although I did burn out the gears on my hand mixer. Oops.

Dinner was terrific. I'm sure everyone's familiar with a Thanksgiving layout and doesn't want to hear more about the plethora of foods that were there, including four kinds of pie. I brought plenty of leftovers home so if Patti's feeling better tomorrow, she can have some during the remainder of her four-day-weekend. I have to go to work in the morning, for which I'm thankful.

Hope everyone's holiday was a joy and that you got to be with people you care about.
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