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I'm thankful for:

Old friends and new friends, friends nearby and friends far away, friends who know me and friends who don't, friends who know they don't know and are willing to let me tell them in my own time.

A place to live, even when I was destitute.

In reference to both of the above, I'm very grateful for Patti, my mother-by-choice.

Our cats, who can comfort just by being there, saying nothing, judging nothing, wanting nothing but to love and to be loved.

TiVo. If you have one, you understand.

LiveJournal, for bringing be back together with aforementioned friends.

Pool, which gives me something to relax with, and something to strive to be better at.

Ditto for the mandolin.

My job, which while a temp position, is very long term, and which I enjoy doing.

As ladypentacles said, the miracle of choice.

The fact that I'm able-bodied and able-minded, when there are so many things that could take that away.

My metabolism.

Bankruptcy laws.

Karma, the three-fold rule, and my two spirits.

The laws of the universe that make it possible for the universe to exist, matter to exist, the sun and the earth and the moon to exist, and me to exist to be thankful for all of this.
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