Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

More iZombie gush.

I found a free app for the iPod Touch that has the complete works of Shakespeare. It even has a search feature. :O

Over at tokyo_rosetta, I posted about another app I got to help me learn kana.

I also got Pandora, LJ, APOD, Tweetie, Accounts (bankbook), and a few games.

Of course, the first reason to get an iPod of any kind is to listen to it. Music and audiobooks. I realized after filling out that 100 books meme that I never got a chance to finish reading Little Women, so I found it as an audiobook cheap as a paperback version. I'll reacquaint myself with the girls, Mrs. March, and Laurie. I feel lucky to have a job where my brain and ears are free most of the time. The challenge is to fill that void. :P

I also set up a bunch of the podcasts I listen to. I think I probably missed some.
Tags: audiobook, izombie, japanese, little women, shakespeare, tokyo_rosetta
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