Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Made a new comm: Learning Japanese with Rosetta Stone

I created the community for my adventures in learning Japanese: tokyo_rosetta. If you're interested, join and watch.

From the comm's profile:
So I've set up this comm to post about my experiences learning Japanese. I've ordered the Rosetta Stone 3-level course, and will be posting here about how it's going. Feel free to join/watch and comment. As far as language of the posts, I expect it will be in English mostly, but if I get really advanced, I might start posting it in both languages. Who knows? Maybe even in Spanish if I'm feeling feisty.
I ordered the course today. Shipping for the course is about a week, so I'll post up when it comes in.

It comes with a companion that's usable on an mp3 player. I think I'm going to get an iPod Touch, because I'm not nearly the rebel Bill Gates is, and honestly, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I want to be able to blend in better.
Tags: japanese, language

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