Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

I think I'm learning Japanese. I think I'm learning Japanese. I really think so.

I didn't get a lot of votes, but I'm picking Japanese. Thanks for those who gave me input. I just got too impatient to wait until the weekend-end.

I figure there are a couple ways to go with this. I figure there are a couple ways to do this. First, I can go with an "easy" language like French or German where the alphabet is the same for the most part, where there will be a lot of cognates, etc. and if it works then I've learned an easy language, but how much of it was just me being super-awesome-clever? The other option is to go for a "difficult" language like Russian or Japanese that is far removed from English, has a completely different orthography, and so on, and if it works then I've learned a hard language, and wow that language program works really well!

phoenixscribe pointed out that pluralization and conjugation are pretty much non-existent in Japanese, and since conjugation is the bane of my Spanish-language skills, this is a big plus for me. The reading and writing looks daunting, but I'm hoping that the program will deal with this as it claims. Also, I already know about dog-demons, cyborgs, mecha, and horizontal emoticons! ~_^Vm So I'm ordering it now, and I got the promo code "pss039" out of PopSci, so that's $55 off. That sub just paid for itself, I guess. I think I'll set up an LJ community to blog about it so those uninterested don't have to wade through those posts.

Arigato, LJ!
Tags: japanese, language

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