Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Linky-dink: awesome edition

Universe Today reports that British scientists have invented a small, efficient artificial magnetosphere device that could protect interplanetary astronauts from charged particles. SHIELDS UP!

Charring hot dogs and melting holes in plate steel with sunlight (via Neatorama) A demonstration of a solar furnace (not time lapse):

Cats and Dogs living together, etc. This cat is this blind and deaf dog's friend and seeing-eye-guide. Got something in my eye...

Y'know how Wil and I are always asking where our damn flying car is? Three-Panel Soul has a great strip about how this is the future and helps us get over the lack of a flying car.

Speaking of iPhones, the webmaster at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has performed what may be the first iMagic trick:

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