Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Weird dream, down under style

This morning I had the oddest dream. I went to Australia to see a friend (maybe it was you, gnomeangel, but I don't remember). Anyway, I brought with me a box of compact fluorescent bulbs, and only after arriving at my friend's house did I think about the voltage. Does Australia use 240V or 120V?! Well, it didn't matter anyway because the screws on the bottom were the wrong size anyway, and boy did the Canadians gloat over that because they have adapters to make the American light bulbs work in the metric(?) sockets. The Canadians even made commercials about it! Anyway, so I had to go back home because the light bulbs were all wrong. :(

(PS: yes, I know. 240V)
Tags: dream, weird

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