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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

I read a very good article on Science-Based Medicine which really puts the whole idea of "Complementary and Alternate Medicine" into perspective.

For skeptics of CAM, of course, this gives a straightforward way of pointing out the flaws in ideas like homeopathy and chiropractic. For those who are unsure about the facts, it gives an easy way to understand why some things these therapies claim are implausible or impossible. For the believers in these modalities who may be mislead or misinformed by their practitioners, it gives a bit of critical thinking in a world of irrationality.



Sep. 12th, 2008 06:42 am (UTC)
I did hear about the "sham" acupuncture test; I gotta go read it, as I'm really curious about their study design. But yeah, you're right... how does a double-blind test happen there?

I think the most telling thing regarding acupuncture is the recent S&M fad of back piercing. (A couple photos on the page are NSFW, but it's generally pretty tame.) Advocates of the practice that I know personally describe it as being very relaxing. I know several folks who found getting tattoos to be a relaxing experience as well. Neither practice claims to be anything but decorative or perhaps counter-cultural; there are no medical claims or a "system of meridians"; yet there's a similarity in physical reactions.

As for chiropractic arts... yeah, it's stuffed full of charlatans and (for lack of a better term) witch doctors, that's for certain. If Aunt Mari couldn't work on me anymore, I'd be incredibly wary of even looking for a new chiropractor. I wish there was a certification board or something that could evaluate and rank chiropractors according to their level of whacknuttery.

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