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Okay, I just had a look at the source HTML for a couple sites.

There are some great comments in http://www.hasthelhcdestroyedtheearth.com/ 's:
this is the fault of daniel drucker dmd@3e.org

the first person to ask for an RSS feed gets a free black hole in their junk
you are too late, people have already asked. ok fine i made one. rss.xml.


<!-- oh shit bears -->

[ddrucker@scatter ~]$ host -t txt freon.3e.org
freon.3e.org descriptive text "Anesthetized monkeys exposed to 25,000
ppm or 50,000 ppm [of freon] for 5 minutes had [cardiac] [arrhythmia]s
including [tachycardia] and decreased contractility (U.S. EPA 1983)"

In their paper, Coleman and de Luccia noted:

The possibility that we are living in a false vacuum has never
been a cheering one to contemplate. Vacuum decay is the ultimate
ecological catastrophe; in the new vacuum there are new constants of
nature; after vacuum decay, not only is life as we know it impossible,
so is chemistry as we know it. However, one could always draw stoic
comfort from the possibility that perhaps in the course of time the
new vacuum would sustain, if not life as we know it, at least some
structures capable of knowing joy. This possibility has now been
The second special case ... applies if we are now living in the
debris of a false vacuum ... This case presents us with less
interesting physics and with fewer occasions for rhetorical excess
than the preceding one.

S. Coleman and F. De Luccia (1980). "Gravitational effects on and of vacuum decay". Physical Review D21: 3305.

the crab always wins; it makes the baby syntacticians cry.



<!-- this is valid xhtml, biotechs -->


<!-- ok i have succumbed to the siren call of adding useful information to this page, here is Seed Magazine's coverage of the LHC -->
<a href="http://www.seedmagazine.com/news/2008/09/large_and_in_charge.php" style="font-weight: light; font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; text-decoration: none; color: #999999;" >?</a>

and from http://www.hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/ :
<!-- if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated
please email mike@frantic.org to receive a full refund -->

ETA: Don't Panic. The different in speed between the protons in the LHC and photons (light) in a vaccuum is 3.1 meters per second. Can you walk/jog from one goal line of a football field to the other in under 35.5 seconds? That's about 3.1 m/s. That's about 7 mph. At that speed you'd finish a marathon in about 3h 45m; a respectable but not world record breaking time.
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