Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Donk / Ska / McCain / Science Writing Gene / Mythbusters CPU vs GPU / Palin for Prez

WTF is "donk"? As in "wilw: Joining @taopauly for Saturdays with DrPauly on PokerStars. $11 PLO, lots of fun. Pass is taopoker. Come on and get your donk on!"

The same thing that makes ska so fun to listen to and so catchy makes it an insidious earworm... and I click my teeth in rhythm to catchy music in my head. My teeth are starting to hurt.

John McCain: Maverick

Bad Science Writing Gene found in people. Very funny parody of Monogamy gene found in people. I liked New Scientist magazine, but the articles were not always the most thorough.

Wow! I love the Mythbusters.

You can see the whole presentation: Part 1 and Part 2. It's about 16 minutes total, but their showmanship is awesome as ever. :D

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