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Gogo, gadgetmobile!

Today Tinkerbelle rolled over the 90,000-mile mark on the way to work. I got her in July 1999, so it's right about 10k per year that we've been rolling. She's had her share of problems, but really, for a nine-year-old vehicle, she's very reliable, very efficient, and very free at this point. I may joke that I put her in my purse instead of parking her, or that if someone wanted to steal her, they'd only need a Radio Flyer wagon hooked to a small dog. She's a good car, and rarely needs an intervention by the good folks at Midas.

wilwheaton just twitted this: "wilw: I love my car, but at 86K miles it's beginning to get expensive. Today: $600 for new radiator fan. Maybe time to consider something new." followed by "wilw: @dcurtisj 2002 VW Golf TDI. This is the first >$200 problem I've encountered, though." Seriously considering getting a Twitter account just to tell him to keep loving his little car.

(Wil also twittered about making a Portishead station on Pandora, and I gotta say, that's a good mix.)
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