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"todays best collection of words on the internets" -boxer_the_horse

In the comment thread of today's dinosaurcomics, (here), xiquatic was comparing the number of girlfriends that he and T-Rex had each had. (T-Rex has had five ("five broken hearts can't be wrong!")) Unfortunately, he said "less girlfriends," and the Grammar Nazi in me came out.
It's "fewer" when talking about quantities of distinct units, such as people, bricks of Soylent Green, and wizards who turn you into a whale, and it's "less" when talking about more indistinct amounts, such as water, time, and hatred. Rule of thumb: if it's plural, use "fewer"; if it's singular, use "less." I hope T-Rex and I have both taught you a lessen. ~_^
...and the punster, as well, it appears.

boxer_the_horse said that:
"such as water, time, and hatred."

This is todays best collection of words on the internets.
Woot! One further step in my plans for world domination!!!
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