Miranda (mandydax) wrote,


Well, I talked to the DNR guy, and he suggested that we all keep our cats in and let it outside in hopes that mama would sniff it out. It was in the top-opening cat-carrier, so I took the top off, and sat there in the dark for about thirty minutes, but mama was a no-show. I figured my presence might be the problem, so I came in for about another half-hour, and when I went down, the baby was gone. No signs of struggle or anything like that, so I think mama and baby are probably back together. At least I hope so. I hope Ares never brings me another. I almost wanted to keep it, but then I'd have to change my username to [info]ellymayclampett, and wow, that's a PitA.

So, best wishes to my little temporary companion.

PS: I cut my hair on a whim. Actually, it may have been because I couldn't stand it any longer, which is the usual reason. :P
Tags: hair, opossum

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