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Semi-awesome opossum

Well, the little monsters have done it yet again. I went downstairs for a bio-break. Spot was freaked out about something, but I thought it was just the other cats. It was all I could see. I come back upstairs and Ares had a mouse, no a rat, no a BABY OPOSSUM on my floor. The poor thing was terrified. :( I picked it up by the tail, and it seemed to be uninjured. No blood or anything, anyway. I thought about putting it back outside, but it's only the size of a six-week old kitten. So I wiki'd it, and found the National Opossum Society site, which has a whole page dedicated to found orphan opossums. I followed the instructions to potty it (the cats scared the shit out of it, but I finished the job), and gave it some water in a dropper. It's now in a box with a couple of cloths to keep it safe and warm. While I was transferring it from just sitting on my lap wrapped up to the box, it panicked again, and it actually bit me. No broken skin, though. It's so tiny.

I'll call our DNR guy tomorrow to see what he thinks we should do with it.



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Jul. 6th, 2008 11:36 am (UTC)
That is so surprising!
It is also really nice that you are taking care of it, until the DNR person can give advice.
I didn't know there was an opossum society, but there are so many societies out there.
Enjoy spending a little time with your new marsupial friend.
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