Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

This Day in History and Nommy Medical Terms

The Free Dictionary's This Day in History (tdf_tdih) is neat because it gives you a tidbit, a link to a wiki article on the subject at hand, and asks a little trivia question that you can research in the wiki. Today's is "Queen Victoria Ascends British Throne." The trivia question was, "She was the first known carrier of a hereditary illness later dubbed the "royal disease"; what is this disease called today?" You may be able to guess what my answer was.

Also, I wanted to point out that while a horrible condition (easily corrected with an outpatient procedure, btw), Anal Fistula has got to be the diagnosis that makes me giggle the most. The only other that does it for me is T&A (Tonsils and Adenoids).
Tags: doctor who, queen victoria, trivia, work
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