Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

My residence is okay

Sorry I don't have better image editing atm, but this is a pic of our house hidden behind the trees from across the lake. At the left you can see the steps down to the dock. The water's not yet up to the top of the steps which is still a few feet below the level of the house. With the cresting, the house should be okay. In that picture, you can also see the tops of the tiki torches that we left in the dock poles. The tops of those are about 5 feet above the top of the dock, which is normally about a foot above the level of the lake. It's a good thing that the Lake is so far above the Res or things would have been worse for us. Some of the other houses with lower elevations were not so lucky.

I'm just emotionally exhausted and pretty much unable to comprehend what's happened. The following weeks and months are going to be very difficult for everyone in the area. Those who are without a home to go back to, or a job to go back to, or with neither are going to have it the worst of course. The clean-up is going to take a long time and rebuilding will take all such resources for possibly years. I'll do what I can. I know the Red Cross is here and trying to assist the displaced. Here are the numbers for what they've done in Iowa. This organisation is one of the premiere charities for disaster relief and I highly recommend that if you have any resource that they can use, to help them to help the affected.
Tags: flood

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