Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Flood update

Just a quick update from work. Internet is slow, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to check email for replies. I appreciate everyone's well-wishes. I especially appreciate the offers from morgaine723 and snakewich to stay with them for however long until I can get back home. I'm currently evac'd to snakewich's, and this morning, P called to tell me that the projections for the crest are getting progressively worse, so she was going to evac the cats as well. The water was starting to come over the road to the Peninsula, so she grabbed the cats and put them in their carriers and met me in Solon. snakewich's cat is wary, and my poor Ares is freaked and under the futon, but we're all alive and well and dry. I've come into work to do what work there is. The IC area is pretty much split in two by the river. Not much else to say, really. The flooding will probably enter the house, and the way it's built into the hillside, I'm concerned that there may be uneven subsidence which would bring the house out of plumb and maybe worse. I've declared a personal emergency and broken out my credit card for unexpected expenses so I needn't worry about money at the moment.

The Gov has declared I think it was 83 of 99 counties disaster areas at the last I heard. The river is supposed to crest at over 32', and the 1993 flood crested somewhere around 21'. I'm trying to remember the numbers, and these may be wrong, but just to give you an idea, this supposed to be around two fathoms higher than that other terrible flood that was fifteen years ago. The '93 flood was considered a 100-year flood, and the media's been throwing about the term 500-year flood, but really, there's no precedent at least since the area was settled by white people. I'm sure there are sites that I could link to, but it's be easier for you to Google them yourself at this point.

I'm safe for now, and it's really a matter of waiting for the waters to recede to assess what happens next. This is my first real I-never-thought-it-could-happen-to-me moment. I'm a refugee, an evacuee, and it's really an unreal and numbing experience.

I'll catch up on stuff and update as I can.

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