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Christmas?! / Blinkers

Christmas Bells Are Riiiing-ing...
Just wrong!
At a certain store which may or may not have been started by a Mr. S. W. from Arkansas, I saw this:
Note the plethora of blooming flowers in the open air area connected to the area with the giant Christmas golems. This is in Iowa, mind you. I only got the one picture before the SS of the store stopped me from taking any further pictures.


Commentary on Turn Signals
On my way into get Patti today, I was behind this blue Grand Turino with this old guy, mid-sixties at least, behind the wheel. It said "Mach 1" on the back of the car, and he couldn't get it above 50 mph. Then he had his left-turn blinker on for about two miles. Then he realized it was on and turned it off... for about ten seconds. Then he turned it back on and actually turned left.

Then, on the way home, I was in front of this Crystal Clear Bottled Water truck. The driver didn't realize his right-turn blinker was on from Coralville to North Liberty, about three or four miles. The thing is, I can't understand why a professional truck driver can't keep track of this sort of thing. He gets paid to drive. You think he'd be good at it? I see this stuff all the time.

I love driving. I hate traffic.
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