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So a bit over an hour ago, I'm playing WoW, and I feel this weird sensation in my knees as they rest on my ergo-chair-thingy. I couldn't figure out what it might be. Then my monitor started shaking noticeably. At first I thought perhaps P was in her massager-thingy, since it makes powerful vibrations, but she wasn't up yet. A cat under the desk? No. A suddenly wobbly disk drive? No. Earthquake? NAHHHHH!

Well, P just told me it was, and I checked the news: This has a map of the location which is around 290 miles away. I knew there was a fault down there and they've been saying for years that there was going to be a big one. There's an AP article in the Seattle Post-Intellegencer about it. Also, CNN.

5.4, so not terribly bad as earthquakes go, but surprising I could see or even feel it here. I've never experienced an earthquake before (and yes, I know they happen all the time, but we don't notice, but I'm talking noticeable ones), and it's weird, but I don't really think it counts, as I was so far away from the epicenter and if I'd been asleep, I'd have probably missed it. Klemmiwinks, J-Lo? you're both closer. Notice anything?
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