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Hey, kids, it's that time!!

That's right! It's time for Total Lunar Eclipse Extravaganza 2008!! This will be the last TLE until 2010, so let's hope for clear skies. I know snakewich was interested in viewing it. Just a warning, it will be cold ass-cold, so I suggest viewing it from a warm vehicle, like a car. I was hoping to go to the parking lot at the pier on the lake. Who's with me?

Feb 20, 2008:
U1 at 07:43pCST (Dragon begins to nibble at moon.)
U2 at 09:01pCST (Dragon fully consumes moon and becomes translucent. Dragon is most likely red in color.)
U3 at 09:52pCST (Dragon begins to regurgitate moon.)
U4 at 11:09pCST (Dragon has gotten all that moon out of its system. Dragon won't try that again for a couple years.)

Yes, I took the day off work so I could watch it.

If the sky is cloudy, or the idea of being outside for 3½ hours doesn't appeal, I searched out a Live Webcam from the Chabot Space & Science Center outside Oakland.

(PS: gnomeangel, I hope you enjoy a nice, sunny summery weekday.)
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