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Snow Days

Well, we got like a foot of snow. -_-;; Anyway, the crap was supposed to be bad yesterday, so Monday night, I put in for Tuesday off so it wouldn't count against me. There was quite a bit of ice under yesterday's snow, so I called and said I'd take that PTO. Well, then the weather decided to shit on us even more. There are some branches right outside my window that are about ½" in diameter, and they have 4" on snow stacked on top of them. I can see even worse down by the lake. P called to say she'd probably stay in town. She also conveyed that a bunch of stuff in town is closed, like the mall. O.o Yeah, that's some seriously shitty weather. *sigh* Well, I suppose I should be happy about it, like when I was a kid. Meh.

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