Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Twice in one day?? Who? Me?

While I was typing up the last entry I had a little funny thing go through my head. sacramentalist, gnomeangel and scotia_girl will probably appreciate this. It was because I have a bad habit of wanting to spell things in the Queen's English. So I have to be careful to make sure I Americanize the spellings whether I favour that way or not. So, as things happen oftentimes, a little voice in my head, one that sounds like I imagine Steve sounds, had this conversation with me. (It ended up being more of an IM convo that was being spoken. Weird, yes, but it's me. :P

Steve: You Amacrians* really do spell things funny.
Me: It's not my fault.
Steve: Just look at that entry. "Desensitized." And you misspelled "honour" and "armoury," too. You Amacrians sure do like your zeds.
Me: Zeds? Oh, you mean ZEES! The zee's make it sound zazzier. Besides, u shouuld taulk, u u-fetishists. :P
Steve: Can't fault us for spelling things correctly.
Me: Sorry. Didn't mean any offence with my colourful remarks. ~_^

* Amacrians is Steve's pet name for the citizens of the USA. I requite this by referring to his homeland as Canadia, where they make the snow.

ETA: to anterastilis: I apologize in advance for the offensive userpic appearing on your friends page.
Tags: amacrians, canadia, gnomeangel, queen's english, sacramentalist, scotia_girl

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