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Bad Friday / Poker/ Book / Pool / Cat Stevens

I haven't caught up completely on my reading of Friends' posts (I'm about 40 behind now). I thought I should post a little update.

Bad Friday
the Job No, Job Yes, Then No Again, Broken Car Window, Shit-Covered Cat Day

This was two Fridays ago. I got a call earlier in the week from Kelly saying that I would have a position for about three months at a medical office while someone is on maternity leave. Friday, they call and say the office went with someone with more experience (I didn't even know I was competing for it), but they have something else. A little later they call back and dash my re-gotten-up hopes again. No, they say that company has figured out its problem and doesn't need me either.

I go to get Patti from work and see all this broken glass on the ground by my car. Hmm, that's weird. It almost looks like... Shit. My car window is broken. So I have to be late picking up Patti while I clean up the mess. No idea what happened. The car wasn't locked and nothing was stolen, so I don't think it was vandalism. No rocks or golf balls inside, so probably not an accident. No blood, so probably not a bird. No clue. BTW, I just dropped the $50 glass deductible from my insurance a little while ago.

So I pick up Patti, and we get home. Spot, my big white cat comes walking in with some mud on her flank. But... Where did she get mud? It hasn't rained... Shit. No, literally. It looks like she was doing a handstand when the explosive diarrhea hit. It's in her tail, on her flank, on her belly, on her back. So I pick her up, holding my arms out in front of me, and make for the upstairs bathroom. I close the door and start the shower. The handheld showerhead makes it easier to drench her, but she wants to escape and spread her fecal madness to whatever surface would hold it. I gave her the Aussie Mega shampooing again. I must say she looks much slimmer with all her fur wetted down. The shampoo really does soften up her coat, tho.

So, you can see how this was a great start to a terrible week.

PS: I was able to get a junkyard replacement window for $50 and installed it myself. Spot is dry and comfortable at my feet as I type.


Celebrity Poker Showdown
If you aren't already hooked on Texas Hold 'Em TV Poker, don't start. I think heroin would be easier to give up. I can't even say why it's so addictive, but I just get sucked in. I even set TiVo to record it. Why? I'm just trying really hard not to set it for World Series of Poker. Must... resist...


The Witching Hour
I finished this last week, and am starting on Lasher. Wow, Anne Rice can really spin a web that catches the reader and won't let them go. Some of the stuff I read and I can't believe I'm reading it, it's so enthralling. We loves it.


Pool League
Bad night Monday with 1 & 3, but I didn't expect to play. Tuesday was 4 & 0 (yay). Wednesday was 0 & 4 (boo, but see my previous post, I was a bit distraught). I know probably no one cares about my league stuff but if anyone wants to join the league in IC, let me know. We need players of any skill level to complete teams. You'll learn a lot, have a lot of fun, and meet some great people.


TAFKA Cat Stevens Deported?!
He's on a "No-Fly" list and isn't allowed to come into the US for suspected terrorist ties. Whaaa?! This is the same man who sang "I'm being followed by a moonshadow." Even if he's denounced his own music, I hardly think he's a terrorist supporter. More here. God, I love this country!

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