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supervision / earworms and colons / loophole / WoW! What are the odds.

Okay, it's a strange day thus far. On Sunday I got a reminder call from the Ophthalmologist's that I have an appointment on Wednesday...
I said, "Wednesday? You mean Tuesday?"
"No, Wednesday the 16th at..."
"Oh, weird, I had it in my calendar as Tuesday the 15th. Well, I'll see you Wednesday then."

Come today, and I'm driving in for my 2:15pm appointment, and I get a call.
"Hi, Miranda, I'm calling about the appointment that was scheduled for 1:45 this afternoon."
"Um, what? It a 2:15 appointment. I'm on my way right now."
"Well, it's actually 1:45 here, but... okay well see you when you get here."


Whatever... I get there, and the nurse checks my vision. It's improved to 20/15 in each eye, with 20/10 using both. They said that they'd never had anyone read better than 20/15 after the surgery. :D I could make out the letters, but not the numbers on that line. Funny thing is that the nurse had to walk up to the line to check if I was right. XD


While I was going through some medical photos trying to find one for a certain patient today, I got this song going through my head: #Great big gobs of greasy grey-haired grandmas' guts, mutilated misters' meat, ulcered diabetics' feet, all mixed up with all-purpose people's pus, and I made it just for you!# Yeah, it's weird how desensitized to these things I am now. :P I guess it's a better-- okay, a different-- earworm than "Still Alive" or "Code Monkey". Curse you and your catchy tunes, Jonathan Coulton!!


Oh, also, evidently, if the weather is supposed to get bad, and I think there's a chance I might not be able or want to drive in to work the next day, I should put in a PTO request. If the roads are good or whatnot, I can just come in anyway. If that's the case, can I just put in a PTO request every work day, and only show up if I want? Muahahaha? Perhaps. Weird but true. I wish I'd known this when we got the ice storm and I missed a day. :P


Also, I found out Monday that a co-worker of mine, the guy who does the overnights, plays WoW, too. It came about when he was making us listen to all sorts of odd music he listens to. One of the songs was "Tunak Tunak Tunak," which is the Dranei male's dance in WoW. No, seriously...

Anyway, we got talking, and he asked what server I was on, and I told him I've just switched over to an PvP-RP server to join an upstart new guild. He asked if it was The Venture Co. O.O Yes. So, I come to find out that he's an Alliance character named Wendersnaven on the server. I let him know it's too bad that he's Alliance because we're Horde. He says he's a carebear, and I say I'll tell my girls not to be too hard on him. Then... I find out he's a gnome...
So all the girls in <Our Crits Are Real> want to hunt him down and camp him. I looked him up on Armory and said, "Good luck." I told him, "The girls will probably be free honor for you if you see them." Ah, well. We say goodbye now with, "Gank ya later!" So that's all good.
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