Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

There just arent enough hits for this type...

I'm starting a googlebomb to get the words "died in a blogging accident" up from 2 hits into the thousands. Why? Check the link below.

Dave died in a blogging accident today. He will be missed. Long live xkcd.

Oh, crap, what have I done? I started a meme. *facepalm*

In further news, I'm really bored. After seeing that Avenue Q is on tour (via Scotia and Dave [no not the xkcd one, Scotia's Dave]) and they'll be in Chicago 5/21/08 – 6/7/08, I'm thinking about organizing a group to go. LFG AQ, anyone up for a raid? Also, they're having an open run of Wicked. Any interest in either? Just seeing if there's anyone popping their head up.

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