April 19th, 2013

Nightmare Night Applejack

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  • Thu, 17:10: @aonpodcast re: Dirty Rebel Spy. Many Bothans died to bring us this booze.
  • Thu, 17:19: @JosephScrimshaw I didn't feel old until I realized Kyle McLaughlin also played both Muad'Dib in Dune and The Captain in #HIMYM.
  • Thu, 20:23: So I was flipping through random articles on Wikipedia, and this came up! :D #MantisShrimp cc: @Oatmeal http://t.co/dXGcyN4IcT
  • Thu, 21:45: Boss sent me on a quest. Join the keyholder. Find the server room keeper. Enter the server room. Plug in the USB device. Watch the monitor.
  • Thu, 21:45: It was actually kind of fun watching the remote access happen.
  • Fri, 05:13: Watching #sttng "Decent, Pt. 1"on @netflix. Awesome to see Stephen Hawking guesting. The music sounds like it's on a stretched tape, tho.
  • Fri, 05:13: ... just in the opening scenes, tho.