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Scarf Doctor Scarf!!

Okay, I know I promised pix a long while ago when I finished it, but today I finally got around to stopping back in at Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Cv. Ann at the shop wanted me to come in when I finished it so they could get a picture to put up on their website. It should be up there on Monday, she said, but she also sent me a copy via email. So without further ado:

While at the shop, I also picked up some bulkier yarn for a Ravenclaw House scarf. It's a tube scarf (knitted in the round), so I had to pick up circular needles for it. I have a couple different patterns, but each begins with over 20 rows of the main color (blue), so I have some knitting I can do before I have to decide. It's plain knit around the needles; the DW scarf was knit across, turn, knit across, etc. So I said that someday I'll end up with a pattern that will require me to learn purl. XD Here's the pattern I originally found, which is kind of blah, but uses about equal amounts of MC an CC. The one from the shop? Well, I was going to check it, but I seem to have left it at the shop. >.< Ah, well, I think it was 27MC/3CC/5MC/7CC... something... Oh! Here's the PoA movie style pattern for the scarves. The thing is, that one uses a lot more of the MC than the CC. Also, in the movies the colors are blue and silver for Ravenclaw, not blue and bronze, and starting with PoA the colors are much darker (navy vs. bright blue). Hrm, decisions, decisions. ETA: I've decided to go ahead with the PS/CoS scarf. Since I bought Cascade 128 which is bulkier than the 220, I'll be adjusting for that. 70st=50st, 22rows=19rows, 7pieces=4pieces for tassels. Hopefully, my first attempt at pattern adjustment will go well. ^_^ Xm
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