June 19th, 2011

DW Jim-Jams

Strange dream

I had such an odd dream.

Prescript: No actual sexy times in this dream...

I dreamt that I was a guy who was supposed to go to a hotel and work on a video presentation for work with a female coworker, but we decided we'd rather use the room for kickin' boots, but the presentation still needed to be done. So, I went back in time while the other me had fun, but when I got back, I was so confused, I went back to the hotel to do the presentation, where I found my other self and my coworker having coffee. They greeted me, and I wink-winked and nudge-nudged about a threesome, so we made the video presentation as a three-person production, just her, me, and me. I and myself did quite a few scenes where when you saw them on screen, you'd be confused how they could be done. (I think this part was inspired by the bit in the Buffy opening titles where the two Xanders are laughing. They did this by having Nicolas Brendon and his identical twin act the two parts. Linda Hamilton and her twin did a similar thing in T2 for a CG-free CPU-ectomy scene.) We also did levitating small animals like chipmunks. I'm unsure how we did that. I think the presentation, while a bit surreal, was a big hit. So for future reference, green-screen compositing out, time travel in.