July 27th, 2010

Nightmare Night Applejack

Updatey post

They had a bunch more footlong hot dogs today. I feel less special for yesterday's, but it was yummy again.

Thanks to snakewich and his grandpa's truck, I have a couch, tall bookshelves, and a futon in my home. Thanks to that couch, I have more bruises including a deep, painful one on my right wrist. I got my tower room cleaned and the last of the stuff out of it on Sunday. I will need to go back and take the phone I was going to leave because...

I will have cable and internet and phone hooked up on Friday morning. It was actually cheaper to get the phone added to that package than to leave it off. I'll post that phone number in a protected post on LiveJournal later. If you're not an LJ friend and want it, email me. I'll still keep my cellphone.

I spent over an hour at the DMV to get my license updated with my new address. They don't print the licenses at the DMV anymore, so I got to keep the old one and need to use a temporary paper until the new one comes.