July 19th, 2010

Nightmare Night Applejack

Aw, gee, thanks!

Yesterday, mega_d and snakewich helped me move most of the last of my stuff. mega_d did a lot of carrying stuff to and fro, and snakewich unfortunately was unable to get a truck for the really big stuff but got me housewarming presents including a Wearever cook and strain pan, a big-ass knife, a cutting board, and a turner. We had pizza, breaking in my oven. Big thanks to both of you for helping me out with all that. It made things so much easier.

I won't have internet at the new place for a while, so at the moment I'm mooching it from P at the old place. (It's okay, I've paid rent through the end of the month.) I'll probably use work's wifi to check email and stuff. Best way to contact me if it's urgent is by phone (call/text).

Gotta run!