June 20th, 2010

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Poorly Planned Parenthood

TiVo had recorded a suggestion for me: "Star Trek: Voyager: Elogium," which is an episode from the first season where Kes enters the Elogium, a period of fertility, early due to [TECH]. She explains that it only occurs once, and if she is ever going to have a child, it must be NOW! Anyone else see the problem? Me, too. I also saw it fifteen years ago when it first aired. (PS: Fuck, that makes me feel old.) Yeah, so if female Ocampa only enters this state once, and generally from the language used to describe it, has only one child from it, then, well, you do the math. It's no wonder the Ocampa were dying out as a species. Oh, well, I guess we just have to always give Star Trek: [SERIES SUBTITLE] season one writers a lot of slack.

Also, the whole part about the little creatures wanting to fuck the ship was amusing, but everyone on board assumed that the large one was the male, which I think is silly. Earth analog: The Angler Fish. Seriously, click that link; their mating thing is fucked the fuck up.