June 12th, 2010


Robins Roundup Canceled

Storms early this morning. I was going to run the Robins Roundup 5K. I was worried they might cancel it due to the weather, but I checked the site and there was nothing either way there, so I drove all the way up and they decided to postpone the event until another weekend. I held onto my registration and check. Le sigh. The silly thing is it cleared up from 8am to 9am for sure, enough time to run the race and even get all but the slowest walkers in. Oh, well.

Run Report 6/12

Intervals 3x 15/3:45 Attempted
Today, I was supposed to run the Robins Roundup 5K race, but it was cancelled due to lightning. This evening, a bit before sunset, I decided to go run. I planned on doing three 15 minute runs with a 4:1 run/walk ratio. I probably just shouldn't have gone so fast, but it just felt great to pick up the pace, and I wanted to see if I could actually keep it up. The first 15 minutes were great. My average pace for it was 9:08/mi, covering 1.64 miles. I walked for 3:45, stopping to take off my shirt. The storms have taken a lot of the humidity, but it's still a bit warm. The second run, I went over to the campsites again, but stopped after only a bit more than 8 minutes. I was starting to get a little bit of a stitch, and I used the sprayers at the fish cleaning station to cool myself a bit. Then I started the run back home, and went almost a mile in a little over 9 minutes before I called it good enough and walked the rest of the way. Running, I did 3.49 miles in 27:20, for a 9:16/mi pace. Total distance with walking was 4.07 miles in 43:35, which is a 10:43/mi pace, not bad considering I was actually standing still part of the walk laps. I really liked running faster, and think next time I might go for 4:1 again, but maybe 10x or 11x 4/1 intervals, just dividing it into more laps and see what my overall pace ends up being.