June 10th, 2010


Run Report for 6/10

Intervals 3x 13/4:20
Cloudy, rainy day today. I felt a bit heavy today, probably because I ate a lot yesterday and am actually heavier. Anyway, it was a nice and steady rain shower for this run. I left my iPod at home and practiced speaking Spanish to myself. (No Speedy Gonzalez references, however.) I tried and failed again to do a negative splits run, although the second lap was slower than the third, so partial success. It was a really quite pleasant run, which kind of surprised me. The rain helped keep me cool and cut down on the bugs, The clouds kept the sun off me, and without the iPod, I got to practice my Spanish a bit. The lightning and thunder waited until I got almost all the way home to start in earnest. I still haven't decided whether to run in the Robins Roundup 5K this weekend, but I think I will. A lot of the more serious runners will be at the Dam to Downtown 10K in Iowa City, and this is only the second year for this 5K in a small town, so the field might be kind of small.