June 4th, 2010


Run Reports for 6/2 and 6/4

I was so having a freak-out and in such a hurry on Wednesday that I forgot to upload and post about my run.

Virtual Race vs 10:30 Runner (6/2/10)
I tried out the Garmin's Virtual Partner today, setting it to run at a 10:30/mi pace. Unfortunately, I lost GPS near the end, and so the VP ran right past me like I was standing still, because the Garmin thought I was. Oh well. I was trying for a full 30 minutes, walking when needed. I don't think this function is terribly useful to me, since it doesn't really help make me run for a certain time or distance. It didn't help that it was very hot today, either. I turned around when I reached Angler's Point because it just was too muggy to go too far. Still, I went about 2 miles, and considering it was really a recovery run, all's well.

Intervals 3x 12/4 (6/4/10)
I'm sweating pretty hard right now. It wasn't as hot as on Wednesday, but it is humid; we're expecting T-storms this afternoon. There was a breeze, which helped. Today I ran nearly 36 minutes. The course was a little bit short of being able to get in the full run, since I kept going until I got home. I did cut the walks short, since I wasn't running hard today. I also lost GPS on the south side of the lake again, so the distance is probably off. I didn't worry about pace, but just trying to keep a steady tempo, and not kill myself when going up the hills, all of which I hit while running. It was a very good run overall. I still could have done with about 10F° fewer on the thermometer, but since I did this casually, it didn't bother me too much.