May 19th, 2010

Nightmare Night Applejack

I'm Calling That W8D1 Done

Kind of hottish, breezy just enough to be refreshing. I had a good run. I decided to do the 5x 6/2 intervals again. Since Week 8 is supposed to be 28 minute runs, I decided to do 4 intervals as normal and then walk the first two minutes of my last run. 4x6+4=28. This helped me avoid having to run the hill into the Reserve, but it dint' take as long to get home as I thought, so the last run was only 2:50. Close enough. I had a good pace. It looks to be about an overall running pace of about 10:33/mi, but when I go through the woods on the south shore, the GPS doesn't track well. Remapping the route, the overall distance is still accurate, though, so with 10:00 walking and 26:50 running, I did 3.33 miles, which is 11:04/mi. For the temperature, not bad at all.

I think the next run will be 4x 7/2 intervals, just to make it a nice even 28 minutes.
Sinfest Glomps, Glomps for Everyone!!

Condo News

Today, I went and signed the counter offer paperwork, got a copy of the HOA covenant, and left a message for the mortgage officer. Sean called up the home inspector and left a message. It's so bizarre how easy this is. I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated and take a much longer time. I'm excited to move (although I hate moving). Better start gathering boxes.