August 10th, 2009

Nightmare Night Applejack

From Twitter 08-10-2009

  • 04:04:43: Picked up cat.Crazy lightning hit ~.4mi away. Walls shook. He bolted. Picked him up again. BOOM! Trying 2 tell him correlation != causation.
  • 04:05:04: @scalzi Grats, dude! :D I loved ZT.
  • 04:15:43: @neilhimself Another winner! Grats, Mr. G! Loved hearing you read TGB.
  • 04:29:13: Holy chit, it's TV's @BrentSpiner! on #Leverage!!
  • 10:33:10: @RichardWiseman You should team up with @bengoldacre and do "The Wiseacre Podcast"

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