May 19th, 2009

Nightmare Night Applejack


  • 12:02 is taking an extra day off from #c25k. will run w3d3 tomor, w4d1 Thur b/c weather sux today and should be great then. #g25k #
  • 12:06 @gnomeangel - Pretty :D #
  • 12:33 Benny16 goes to Holy Land. Just what the Middle East needs: another religious zealot. *facepalm* #
  • 14:43 >@GeorgeHrab I prefer woody diving. ;) #
  • 17:40 After reading @scalzi's bit here all I can wonder is what an Rraey stuffed with a turducken would be like. #
  • 17:50 It's apparently awesome patient name today. Wish I could share. Two of the best names in months. #
  • 21:08 >@rebeccawatson re ultra-dense deuterium: If oceans were made of D20, ice would float in the D2O water. D2O ice sinks in H2O water. tell Bob #
  • 21:38 >@rebeccawatson KHAAAAAAAANnection problems? :( I wondered at your silence. #
  • 22:20 @koyoen - Won't the virus just wait on the plastic sheeting to get picked up then? Poor planning there. :\ #
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