May 17th, 2009

Nightmare Night Applejack


  • 10:36 >@SkepticZone That's about 3.5 hrs more than I'd have been able to stand. #
  • 10:39 >@rachaeldunlop Great, can Benny heal my urge to vomit? X6 #
  • 10:41 Uh, oh, I entered in "Why are you working for your human oppressors?" into Wolfram Alpha as a joke. I think I just screwed us all. D: #
  • 12:15 Just watched NUMB3RS for 1st time. What is up with James Callis and haremy cults?! It was okay, but to technobabble for me. :\ #
  • 14:26 #g25k crappy run for w3d2 #c25k :( windy, chilly, throat burned, ears ached, twisted sock, debris in shoe. Got thru it, tho. 2.1mi/29:00 #
  • 19:42 Just got back from Star Trek. Needz moar lenz flair! No, it was really very good. #
  • 19:45 >@DrBaka Can you make me a pet crocoduck? ;) #
  • 19:47 @muskrat_john There's only one solution: KITTEN DERBY! #
  • 19:59 >@Oprah, please read @shwu's open letter to you: I agree with it wholeheartedly. #
  • 20:40 >@SkepticZone I just finished those pigasi earrings & got roommate to photo them. I will post pictures! :D #
  • 21:16 >@SkepticZone As promised! Pigasus Earrings: #
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