April 4th, 2009

Nightmare Night Applejack

Trim it or Shave it?

Hmm, I seem not to be posting a lot outside of tokyo_rosetta and Twitter. (BTW: we all know how banal that is, although @stephenfry can tell me what he's eating any time.)
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My hair (the head kind) is getting to that point again where it's driving me a bit mad. I have clippers and am not afraid to use them! Also, I have a good wig that I got just in case I shaved my head. So, I put it to you, gentle readers:

Poll #1378156 The Haircut

Trim it or shave it?

Trim it!
Shave it!

Mind you, you will have some powerful say in this. My last poll only got 13 voters. Yes, the Friday the 13th poll... VOTE NOW!