February 21st, 2009

Nightmare Night Applejack

meme via dormouse_in_tea: Top 100 Books

Note: I found the list at the Guardian, and the BBC's story on the list doesn't say anything about how many of these the average person will have read. The list is actually from a survey of 2000+ bibliophilic Brittons as to their favorite books done in 2007 for World Book Day which is coming up again for 2009 on March 5.

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I added that underline bit to show you how sad it all is. :(
I wanted to finish Little Women but I bought it as an eBook and my Palm Pilot died before I finished, and never got around to getting a dead-tree copy.
Technically, LotR counts as 6 books, Harry Potter as 7, HDM as 3, Narnia and Sherlock as... a lot, Shakespeare as... even more and a bunch of poems; H2G2 and Dune the series or the first book in the series?
Where are all on Neil and Terry's books? D: I think I bitch about that every time I get one of these. :P
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Nightmare Night Applejack

I think I'm learning Japanese. I think I'm learning Japanese. I really think so.

I didn't get a lot of votes, but I'm picking Japanese. Thanks for those who gave me input. I just got too impatient to wait until the weekend-end.

I figure there are a couple ways to go with this. I figure there are a couple ways to do this. First, I can go with an "easy" language like French or German where the alphabet is the same for the most part, where there will be a lot of cognates, etc. and if it works then I've learned an easy language, but how much of it was just me being super-awesome-clever? The other option is to go for a "difficult" language like Russian or Japanese that is far removed from English, has a completely different orthography, and so on, and if it works then I've learned a hard language, and wow that language program works really well!

phoenixscribe pointed out that pluralization and conjugation are pretty much non-existent in Japanese, and since conjugation is the bane of my Spanish-language skills, this is a big plus for me. The reading and writing looks daunting, but I'm hoping that the program will deal with this as it claims. Also, I already know about dog-demons, cyborgs, mecha, and horizontal emoticons! ~_^Vm So I'm ordering it now, and I got the promo code "pss039" out of PopSci, so that's $55 off. That sub just paid for itself, I guess. I think I'll set up an LJ community to blog about it so those uninterested don't have to wade through those posts.

Arigato, LJ!

Made a new comm: Learning Japanese with Rosetta Stone

I created the community for my adventures in learning Japanese: tokyo_rosetta. If you're interested, join and watch.

From the comm's profile:
So I've set up this comm to post about my experiences learning Japanese. I've ordered the Rosetta Stone 3-level course, and will be posting here about how it's going. Feel free to join/watch and comment. As far as language of the posts, I expect it will be in English mostly, but if I get really advanced, I might start posting it in both languages. Who knows? Maybe even in Spanish if I'm feeling feisty.
I ordered the course today. Shipping for the course is about a week, so I'll post up when it comes in.

It comes with a companion that's usable on an mp3 player. I think I'm going to get an iPod Touch, because I'm not nearly the rebel Bill Gates is, and honestly, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I want to be able to blend in better.
Nightmare Night Applejack

iZombie bit me. I don't have long...

So I went to Best Buy tonight and fiddled with the iPod Touch. Wow that is better than it seems on the website. I got one.

I bought both of John Hodgman's books as well. After a quick flip through of the new one, I shall start referring to our President as "Ol' Interrobang."

Well, I'm going to try to set up the iPod.