June 11th, 2008

DW High Anxiety

It's a brand new record since nineteen-ninety(-three)...

Well, if you're not in the area, let me tell you: it's rained a lot. A LOT. A WHOLE BIG LOT. We're over 7" above average for this time of year, the Coralville Dam's spillway has overflowed, the dog park has turned into a pond, and here on the Lake we're running out of land. The word is that this flooding will probably end up being worse than the flooding of '93, which was very bad. I read that about half the counties in the state are now considered disaster areas.

The Lake is very high. The foundation of the house is quite a few feet above the current level and even more above the normal level, but P called me this afternoon to say she's starting to move stuff out of the lowest level just in case. A lot of the houses on the Peninsula are lower elevation than ours, and she's concerned that if they start to get flooded, utilities might get shut off as a protective measure. I'm not so sure about that, and I'm not terribly worried, but I'm trying to be prepared.

So, if I need "alternate accommodations," is there anyone who'd be willing to give me a couch or futon or fuzzy rug to crash on?