February 20th, 2008

Watching from the shadows

Hey, kids, it's that time!!

That's right! It's time for Total Lunar Eclipse Extravaganza 2008!! This will be the last TLE until 2010, so let's hope for clear skies. I know snakewich was interested in viewing it. Just a warning, it will be cold ass-cold, so I suggest viewing it from a warm vehicle, like a car. I was hoping to go to the parking lot at the pier on the lake. Who's with me?

Feb 20, 2008:
U1 at 07:43pCST (Dragon begins to nibble at moon.)
U2 at 09:01pCST (Dragon fully consumes moon and becomes translucent. Dragon is most likely red in color.)
U3 at 09:52pCST (Dragon begins to regurgitate moon.)
U4 at 11:09pCST (Dragon has gotten all that moon out of its system. Dragon won't try that again for a couple years.)

Yes, I took the day off work so I could watch it.

If the sky is cloudy, or the idea of being outside for 3½ hours doesn't appeal, I searched out a Live Webcam from the Chabot Space & Science Center outside Oakland.

(PS: gnomeangel, I hope you enjoy a nice, sunny summery weekday.)
Nightmare Night Applejack


The webcam from Chabon doesn't seem to be updating. There's one here that is working updating every 20 seconds.

The U1 started about 8 minutes ago.

Skies are partly cloudy here, but it's just really thin wispies, so they don't really block the view.