June 25th, 2007

Sluggy: Kiki as Oasis, Kiki Stab

Icon appropriate for three reasons

OMG, so last night, I dyed my hair again. It's been a long while. After the cut, it was mostly natural color. I'd had a box of this Ruby Rush (Rich Auburn True Red) for a long time, but just never got around to doing it. It's the one with that extra little tube of bright red for the "Colour Boosting Technology." Anyway, it ends up that it is super bright. It doesn't look bad, but I'm definitely going to be careful about what I wear.

The second reason is that when I took a break from typing my little fingers off, I raided on WoW. The guild has cleared out Karazhan this week. Last night, we summoned Nightbane, and downed him on our second try. Super yay!

The last reason is that while typing my little fingers off, I got quite frustrated at my lack of speed. I think the best I did in practice last night was 42WPM, which is still 5 short of the bare minimum I could get an okay to apply for the secretarial position at hospital. I was going to go in early and take the test at the IWF today, but if I can't hit it at my own computer, how am I supposed to hit it at their horrible stations? >.<

I am seeing an improvement, but I'll have to keep practicing in order to get my skill to the proper level. If I can't do it soon, they'll probably post them externally and offer them to someone. So I may need to wait until the next time one comes available. I will keep up the practice, so I'll be ready for then if I can't do it this time. It gets pretty frustrating continually performing lower than I want, and one can only beat a dead horse for so many hours before one needs to take a break.