June 21st, 2007

Nightmare Night Applejack

So that didn't work...

Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I'm just getting some of them because LJ must be having problems with its notification emails. e_e

Anyway, I handed in my transfer request when I got to work this afternoon, and about 4pm I got a voicemail on my phone from HR. The position was offered to an outside candidate this morning. -_-' So I went to talk for HR lady and she tells me that there are a couple higher-level secretarial positions available and they're both in the internal offer only timeframe. I.e., no outside competition if I apply now.

The only problem is that there is a 50wpm requirement, and my typing speed test from Kelly about 3 years ago was in the low 40s. (42 I think.) HR lady says they'd consider me if I can get a score of 47-49wpm. My big problem with this is that they make applicants take the typing test through the Iowa Workforce Development centers, and when I went there to try to get an improved score for the secretarial position that was available when I applied for the position I have now, I couldn't get higher than 30wpm. The problem is that their setup is very awkward. The keyboards were set up on a swing-arm below the desk, the monitor was very close to the front of the desk, and the chair wsan't adjustable. I can probably clear 47wpm at the computer I'm at at work right now, but they don't do that. >.< HR lady says the Cedar Rapids center might be better, but she doesn't know. IC might have updated their computers and made the arrangement better, but I'll have to go try, I guess. I also believe they limit it to 3 tries a day and report the best result.

On the plus side, if I get one of the positions, it's a three grade promotion, regular days (M-F, 8a-4:30p, which were my hours as a temp), holidays off. Did I mention three grade promotion? That'd actually probably more than make up for the loss of the night differential. (It's about 53c/hr less if they start me at the minimum, but we shall see, hopefully.)

So, if you could re-wish me luck or transfer the focus of that luck, I'd really appreciate it. ^_^