December 16th, 2006

Shiny, Firefly Kaylee

Good news, everyone!

The Floyd is back in house! Evidently, one of our neighbours had left for a week and when they were getting ready, he'd gotten into their garage. So he's downstairs right now bolting down food. He's a bit thinner than usual, but he seems fine otherwise. It's a good thing he didn't get into anything poisonous; garages are full of dangerous things for pets. The lady said he'd been eating *smirk* birdseed. Oh, the irony...

Funnier still, I had one of those dreams where everything is so real that I think it is even after thinking "Is it a dream?" In my dream, I heard cats fighting outside and immediately think it's Floyd. I run to the door and see Spot run around the corner of the house followed by Floyd. I yell up the stairs to P, "Floyd's back! ^_^ ," and run out to get him. It's nice and warm outside and the ground is damp. I see them down by the shore and wonder at the temp and everything going on. Is this a dream? So, although my eyes are "open," I open my eyes and find I've been napping on the patio furniture, but only about 5 feet behind where I was in my dream, and the cats are still all doing their thing! I get up, and go down to the shore, knocking over some fishing supplies. I find that Floyd and Ares are under the water, stalking the bait at the end of the line. Not wanting them to get a hook, I pull the line in quickly and take the whitefish bait off and toss it to them.

That's when P called about RL Floyd.

So happy ending 1 of (hopefully) 4. ^_^Xm
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Dancing Female Forsaken

Burning Crusade Cinematic

On an even lighter note: Blizzard has put up the introduction cinematic for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. I d/l'd the 45 MB version (during gameplay, which gave me superlag, and which made me realise I M A N00B ~_^). It looks fantastic on 20" widescreen. If they'd only put as much effort into making the buggy quests work. ← that's a joke, mostly, and I can't really talk.

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