October 29th, 2006

Nightmare Night Applejack

A horse between my legs...

The bloodspatter cleaned up quite nicely. On the face, the underlying makeup made it come off easily, and on my arms and hands it's almost invisible now. A little salicylic acid worked wonders.

P took me out to Iguana's for birthday dinner. There was fried ice cream, too, although our waitress was kind enough not to summon the entire staff to serenade me with "Feliz cumpliaños."

Tomorrow, P's taking me along to ride horses. I have to be up around 5am (which will feel like 6am), closer to my bedtime than my wake-up time. There's a drive to DM involved, so miles to go... So, I'm going to try to sleep now. I unfortunately had Diet Pepsi making the caffeine level in me pretty high for this hour. I do feel sleepy tho, so wish me luck. Hope my hippophobia is in check.