October 22nd, 2006

Doctor and Rose Snow, DW 10 and Rose Snow

Second Life and Torchwood

I had a look at Second Life tonight. Not-a-download-the-software-and-enter-the-SL-world type of look, but I read the FAQ. Then I got distracted by WoW. Maybe I should get a First Life. :P flower76! This guy has a Zim house!

Also! Tonight (22 Oct)! Torchwood premieres on BBC! I hope it's as good as it's hyped! If the new DW is any indication, it is. Plus Cap'n Jack is dreamy. ~_^
Nightmare Night Applejack


It's on right now! *Squeesqueesquee!* And they're premiering with s01e01 and s01e02 bak-to-back!

Also, who ever said that the BBC was boring?
40 Years of F***
Mon 23 Oct, 3:00 am - 4:00 am 60mins

1/2. A look back at 40 years of swearing on TV. This episode looks at the issues that confronted the BBC and ITV in the days before multi-channel TV. Very strong language. [S]

O.o lol