October 4th, 2006

Dancing Female Forsaken

Docudrama! and sodium for the masses!

bunnykissd pointed this movie out to me, and I immediately thought of you, flower76. I wonder if he's keeping a scrapbook about his work on the movie.

I just had the saltiest French onion soup I've ever had. It's like they took Dead Sea water and threw in the onions and seasonings and then simmered it down to half stock. It was almost too salty for me. The same me that would ask for salt for my salt-lick if I were a horse that talked and could use a salt shaker. ... so, yeah...

Oh! There's this 24-ish soon-to-be Air Force guy I've been talking with on WoW. He started talking to me by /t-ing me "Konbanwa." Probably he did because my character is Shimoyake (Japanese for frostbite). Um, so... /stare shoes... he's hoping to get stationed in Japan and has been learning a lot of conversational Japanese. I, unfortunately, couldn't even remember my colors and numbers, much less my phrases.