September 23rd, 2006

Sinfest Glomps, Glomps for Everyone!!

Spring is here! Spring is here! Life is skittles! Life is beer!


gnomeangel's the only one on my f-list who gets the Spring. (Congratulations!) The rest of us get the Autumn.

Actually, it's a pretty day out. The leaves started turning overnight, like they've been waiting all summer to turn the warm colors of Autumn. The sky's been partly cloudy in a sort of torn grey cotton candy look. The poison ivy, which is ubiquitous, has started turning a brilliant crimson.

In other news, my router, which has been on the fritz, bit it last night. The transmitter for the wireless went kaput. I've noticed some performance issues with it lately. Very laggy on the WoW, lots of spikes. Last light, I couldn't get on at all. I could read the network, but it wouldn't connect to any of the computers, save P's desktop which was on a cable. She got me up at 8:45 this morning because her work computer couldn't connect. I bypassed the router and plugged it straight from the modem to the laptop, and she was thrilled with the speed. The old one was a Wireless B (11Mbps), although all of the computers and one of the TiVos have G wireless cards and adapters. So today I upgraded to G. The signal strength is sooo much better, and the speed is greatly improved, too. TiVo Desktop still loves to crash, but that's because of poor to no beta testing, I'm sure.

I got the router at Best Buy, and it was $70, which is what I figured, but it was over $150 to leave the store. I got the two Ghost in the Shell movies on DVD. I bought Katamari Damacy for my PS2, flower76 being my pusher in that game also. ~_^ I also got some screen protectors for my Zen.

Gas (silver E10) is down to $2.20 here. I'm really glad my Tink gets such good mileage. I put some fuel injector cleaner in the tank last weekend (she's over 70k miles) and she's running much better, no misses.

I'm looking forward to the murder mystery tomorrow! ^_^